sábado, 30 de mayo de 2009

El invitado del fin de semana 51: Stevz (Brasil)

Stevz (Brasil)
Stêvz is 24 years old. He writes, draws and composes music, wich is his true passion. He doesn't make much money. Likes his coffee black, no sugar, and is currently living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Chief-Editor of Pégasus Alado Independent Publications, travelled with the group to Lisbon, Portugal, to participate in Brucutumia 2008, an event of Brazillian/Portuguese Urban Arts, created by Chili Com Carne Association (www.chilicomcarne.com) and Groovie Records (www.groovierecords.com). Later that year, joined the International Arts Exibithion named åbroïderij! HA! wich is still going on somewhere in Europe. Is hoping to be published soon in the book Digestión Figurada, organized by Elenio Pico in Barcelona, Spain.

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